June 15th, 1926 - April 4th 2009
Sijo Adriano Directo Emperado
Grand Masters bring the casket out.
Clyde Mandac begin the Death Dance
Professor Joe Bautista style demonstration
Students salute the passing of Sijo
Clarence and some of the Grand Masters
Michael Emperado & Grandfather Sijo
Clarence & Aunty DeChi
Professor Luca & Melveen Leed
Students at Royal School
Professors & Uncle Frank Ordonez
Arthur Mom & Cindy Emperado
Arthur W. Emperado
Clarence Emperado & Professors with Dad's ashes

Cousin Jodi Emperado and husband Joe
Alvin Emperado & Aunty DeChi with Dad's ashes
The Emperado Family with Dad's ashes.
Michael Cindy Alvin Aunty DeChi  Arthur & Beatrice (Mom)
Eric Veronia Sonny Penny Christina & Clarence
The Luna Family with Dad's ashes
Luna Family Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren
Emperado Family  Arthur Alvin Beatrice and DeChi
The Folding of the Flag for a Veteran
Sijo Adriano D. Emperado, KAJUKENBO Grand Master, funeral services May 30th, 2009 and June 1st 2009  with military honor and crematorial burial at Nu'uanu Memorial. All photos taken are courtesy of Alvin H. Emperado. For us in the mainland that couldn't make this very special event.                                          *Thanks Al *